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Kia of Irvine / Garden Grove Kia

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Great dealerships! If you want a Kia in Southern California go to them. They are owned by the same family. At Garden Grove ask for Mike Mosier and at Irvine ask for Eric Hardin and tell them "Mugger" referred you to get the best deal. PM me if you are serious and I will give them a heads up.
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So far, I hv had a positive experience w/ Garden Grove Kia. I just bought my '13 Hybrid EX thru their internet mgr, Bang. I told him what Hyundai was offering for a new loaded Sonata & Bang gave me a good price, over $5K below MSRP for an EX hybrid. I was in & out in less than 2 hours.
I got a car w/ 15 miles on it...there was a switch at some point but I am okay w/ the final vehicle.
I hv put almost 500 miles on the car after only one week & so far so good.
I saw via papers that the car has been on their lot since April 2013...not sure if that will hv a negative impact on the battery esp if it was not driven since then. Battery reading is in the mid range & occasionally goes above that when I am being "eco friendly" haha.
Wondering if my VIP service book will be honored at Kia of Irvine...seem to hear good things about their svc dept.
That's normal for the battery. It's covered for 10 years/100k miles anyway. You also revived like a 2 year old post =x.
Hybrid equipment is 10 year 150k warranty which includes battery.
i went to Kia of garden grove and got great service. They did some updates from a recall and i was in and out pretty quick. everyone was friendly and extremely helpful.
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