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KIA of Garden Grove

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Yes, I'm a rookie when it comes to purchasing an automobile but, this was such a nightmare! Here's My Yelp review on the dealership ...

Purchased a Kia Optima almost 4 months ago at Kia of Garden Grove and I REGRET IT. Drove down from the San Fernando Valley for and appointment with Bang Nguyen around 10am...drove out with the car at 9PM! It was my fault for signing a contract AND a check over to a dealer without seeing the vehicle but, which well-established dealer would allow that to happen in the first place? My story is way too long and complicated to rant on about but here are a few bullet points...

Signed a contract & bank check for a car that didn't exist.
After 9 hours and multiple vehicles thrown around at me, drove off in a brand new car with 300+ miles on it, a cracked windshield and scratched tint.
Wasted a Saturday taking my car back down to Garden Grove from SFV to fix the windshield and tint and drove off with a greenish color tint that was not applied properly, had glue in between the tint and windows and needless to say, didn't match.
After so much frustration, got in a verbal argument over the phone with Bang where he said that none of this is worth it and if I want to contact Eric Hardin (manager) he doesn't care "F this job" ...boy do I wish I would have contacted Mr. Hardin.

This is just all of the drama in a nutshell. It makes me sick and made my boyfriend sick with an ulcer after dealing with this subparagraph dealership. I waited so long to write a review because today, I found out that my car came without window washer fluid and after about 2 months of asking for the correct owners manual (I have a SORRENTO manual not an OPTIMA) ...I'VE YET TO RECEIVE THE CORRECT ONE.

I can't stress enough how much I regret choosing this dealership. The moment I got the car home, I immediately removed everything that linked me to that God awful place.
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I always hear bad things about that dealership actually...sorry about your experience:( hope your bf feels better
I am also sorry to hear about this experience. It is never fun to have felt taken advantage of by a dealership.

Just for reference, you can more than likely find Eric Hardin (not a manager, the owner) if you contact the new Kia of Irvine store.
Wow that is pretty bad! I've heard a few horror stories but that one is definitely one of the top three I've heard. I'm really sorry to hear about that! Hopefully they'll get everything straightened out for you.
I initially went to KIA of GG when i wanted to buy my optima and dealt with Bang Nguyen too. He is very inexperience salesman. He couldnt help me what i wanted but rather kept persuading me on buying a used car or a hybrid from last year. I told them what i wanted and the price range i can afford. They told me they didnt have the car in
lot and cant even order it for me by looking at other dealership to ship it over.

I left that place and when to Kia of huntington beach instead and got my optima there new with only 30 miles on it
Funny, you go to the dealership website and the first thing that pops up is "Bang's" picture. Sorry you had a bad experience.
Hmm, why didn't you just walked away after the 2nd hour? Lesson learned, you'll be better prepared for the next purchased....Welcome to the Optimaforums.
10am-9pm at a dealership sounds really awful.

I can honestly say that I had the best experience at this dealership though. I did go through internet sales though. The person that helped me out was Frank Smolkin. I got a few dealerships in a bidding war and garden grove ended up winning. So when i went to the dealership, they had my car parked in front and frank had already gotten started on the paperwork. I got there at 7:30 and was out by 9:10. pretty fast considering we went for a test drive, and i had to sign all the papers with the finance guy.

If you would like, I could give you Franks number. Im not sure what he can do, but maybe it would be easier to deal with him?
It is weird. I just bought my car from Bang. I went through TruCar. He was totally opposite of everything mentioned above. Very polite, helpful and certainly seemed to know his stuff.Not only did I get a great Trucar price, he also found me some other discounts.
I purchased my 2013 optima hybrid ex from Garden Grove Kia and had no issues with Thomas and Al from Internet Sales/Fleet. I went through the Costco Auto Program and had no issues and got a sweet deal. In and out in like 3-4 hours. (included the time to test drive and Al drove me to my bank)

It sucks that you had a sour car buying experience. I hope you haven't run into any other issues with your Optima. Realistically though if I were in that situation, I wouldn't have signed or paid for anything without test driving and inspecting a vehicle.
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