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Heya folks - long time no see! I've been hard at work in my new career, and still collecting cars along the way. While I absolutely love my ride, and the memories we've had along the way - it's finally time to part ways. My wife and I have 4 cars between the two of us, and if I want to buy another, I have to make room. 😫

Next month this car will be a DECADE old. I cannot even believe it. I bought it 6/30/2011 with 495 miles on it, and then joined this forum shortly afterward. I was member 1200 or so, can't remember the exact number. After 4 years of being admin here, we cracked the 20K members mark! It's amazing to see how far it has come.

I used this car to test the beta Importshark LED Glow strips, new DRL led upgrades, the canbus module, the New Faces Shift knob, and so much more. They are all still installed, too! Yet in the past 3 years, it's only seen about 2300 miles. It needs more love an attention than I am currently giving it, instead of sitting in my pole barn.
So, here's your chance to grab a meticulously maintained KDM K5 Turbo from an OG member!

My showroom:

My inbox on here is probably still full, so to contact me, and see more pictures, please click the image below:

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