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Has anyone seen/tried to put the mid-level, 18-inch wheels from a K5 on a 2012ish Optima?

I'm referring to the black 18 inch wheels that come on the EX and GT Line K5s.

Looks like it would be about an extra inch on wheel width, and the offset is 41mm to 50mm. So it would put the inside of the wheel about an inch inward toward the hub/suspension.


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2012-7.5x18 46 offset

7.5x18 52.5 offset
The wheel/tire will inward 6.5mm= @ 1/4"
W/o looking, not certain as to the clearance between the caliper and wheel or and part of the suspension, but if there were
a problem a 1/4" spacer could be used.

8x18 48 offset
Wheel moves inward 8mm=5/16"
Same as above
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