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2013 Optima/K5 LX (Spicy Red)
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Although these from Natalex Auto are listed as decal stickers, they are basically just stickers. According to The Difference Between a Sticker, Label And Decal -, real decals "will have three layers: paper on the back, the decal itself, and paper on the front". Decals are much easier to apply, especially when the design has some intricate characteristics that make it challenging to apply. In the case of this K5 sticker,the "5" has some thin areas that were a little challenging lining up on the car. This resulted in a few wrinkles that I have to live with. Had this been a real decal, I would have been able to remove the first layer of protective film, lay the decal against the vehicle, then smooth out and remove the top layer thus resulting in a better applied decal. My wife has a Nurse Life decal that I applied to our other vehicle and it is way more intricate than the K5, but it came out much better.

All in all, they still look good.


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