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-Subject - The main photo of the month - August

What an attractive front lip
I will post some pics sometimes guys.
Have a nice day folks!


Rad, Sick, Cool
Looks so nice

Heart Heart Heart

Hello, can I ask you one thing?
Where I can get those rear diffuser?
-You also has it; he just painted, it is a rubber material, take a look at it
- Regular plastic is flat but yours is not, are you curious?
- Oh, I misunderstood, you are talking about the bumper guard ;; you can get those from internet market.

Thumbs up!

Can I get the name of rims please?

It is alive~!

Praying starstarstar

Of course our k5 looks cool, she looks like a beast of prey in the forest, waiting for a victim! ^^

I ride my K5 because of this greatness... kkk

Wow she looks so nice, i also have the black K5 but mine is not as good as her.. ha

Please let me know the wheel info

I asked the information of rims and they said
it is VRC13
I don't know well about this tho

Mine is also black~~ i want that wheel too~~ But there is no info.. ㅠㅠ

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Stoli, congrats on a well deserved recognition from overseas. Nevermind K5 mania club, even us over here in N.A are drooling over your car lol. Let's see if the BEAST from the woods can compete with the gangster aka THUG over at the K5 mania club :D. That will be one tough battle in my book :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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