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Hey guys, so i've posted before about how the dealer charged me for all weather floor mat and i never received it. I've contacted the corporate office, opened a case, and i just got a call back... and corporate is standing behind this decision... and i'm so freaking pissed that i think this will be the last time i ever buy kia.

so the full story is:
I've went to purchase the optima, got a decent deal,waited an hour and a half to talk to a finance manager!!!, and signed all the paperwork i was provided. We shook hands, and i got a call 3weeks later saying the car's ready for pick up and i just have to come in and finish signing few more documents. I sped there after work, signed few more documents and when i asked for plates, they told me they don't have it ready yet and i'd have to wait longer to receive them. Also, when i asked what these documents are, they just gave me some basic bs explanations but didn't' want to go further into details, but I didn't care since i get to drive it home. after waiting 3weeks (which is insanely long for registration) i got a call to come pick up my plates and registration.
I went to pick it up and asked them to put it on for me since i was on my way out on a date and went around the lot looking at other cars. 30minutes pass by and nobody came to let me know it's on. I got furious i was waiting for so long for something that takes 5minutes, so i went back to the car and saw that someone took the plates. I spent another 20minutes looking for the person who took it, and it turned out to be the salesmanager. He just came up to my car, took the plates and went back to his desk without notifying me. when i asked him why, he told me i didn't give them lien release documents for my trade-ins, and blamed me for wasting his time. I was so furious at this point because they've never asked me for them and this was the first time i've heard they needed it!! They were treating me as if it's my fault they don't know how to do their job.
Either way, i went home and two weeks later, i was able to pick up the car. I was so excited about driving this beast home, i didn't really look if everything was provided (yes i do admit i am at fault here). but i've been traveling a lot so i havent' been able to drive my car or take care of the paperwork for it. While i was organizing documents few weeks ago, i realized that i was charged for the all weather floor mats, but i only have the carpeted floor mat. I've called the salesman and two of their managers. The salesman was really nice and tried to help me either get a refund or the floor mat, but he needed the go ahead from the manger. After 10minutes, the salesman told me that his manager said it's my fault that i didnt' check it and I'd have to take full responsibility for it!! I was really pissed and tried to talk to the manager, but he was away so i've left him voice mails. A week went by with no call back, so i've called again and again asking them to call me back. 3weeks went by with no reply, so i've made few comments here and called the corporate.
I've just got a call back saying that they've spoken to the district manager and they all agree that it's my fault and they won't help me in anyway. I'm so infuriated by this whole ordeal that i dont think i'd be buy kia anymore. It's a shame that the corporate and mangers won't help the customers once they get your business... It's not like i'm asking them to fix a chip on a paint a month after i've bought the car... I have the carpeted floormat, which indicates they didn't provide me the all weather floor mat because they would've taken the carpet one out if they did. These aren't consumable good, it's not like i've used it and it disappeared... I don't want to deal with a company that only takes sides with their employee and not provide the proper care for the consumer...

and as you can tell, i have a lot to say about this crappy dealer

TL;DR: I went to the worst dealer in **** and got treated like crap, bought an awesome car, but will never buy the same brand ever again!!
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They actually do provide you with the Carpeted ones. I have All Weather on my floor and the Carpeted ones in the trunk; so be careful with that.
This case is a looser in court. You accepted the vehicle and made no exception to same until 3 weeks later.

All the time and effort with small claims is never worth it. Many times a case is not even heard on the first calender date and more time involved.

You can try to to ploy the dealer. Tell them you will sue, they will not care. Then if the court is close to you and the filing fee is a few bucks, sue them then call the dealer to ask if they will settle. If they don't have a lawyer on retainer and have to pay for one they may negotiate. If not then **** it and don't show in court.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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