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Hey everyone! As the title says, wondering if I have to go with coilovers to get an even wheel/fender gap all around or if anyone has truly gotten this with lowering springs? If so what brand?

I know If i go the lowering spring route, I’ll want to upgrade the shocks and struts with the TruHarts.

Problem is, if I end up with the front sitting higher than the rear, I’ll be disappointed to where it’s not worth it! I can’t stand that!

If it helps, I have a 2013 Optima SXL running 2013 18” Genesis Coupe wheels with 225 45 18 tires all around.

May be worth just getting the TruHart coils, but I like the idea of not tinkering with adjusting them, and of course a couple hundred $ savings going with lowering springs w/upgraded struts/shocks is appealing 😀.

Thanks for any input/photos you can share!
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