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Hi All, I'm Adam from Delaware.

I just bought a 2019 Optima SX a couple weeks ago. We own a '16 Sedona SXL and have been happy with it so far so I decided to try an Optima.

I'm happy with the car so far, it was a great find! I joined the group while searching for a few mods I may be interested in doing. None of these were deal breakers for me since I couldn't find pass up this SX (as opposed to finding a SXL), but I would like to look into:

1) Auto (1 touch) windows down for the rear windows. It boggles my mind that a 2019 car does not have this feature (my 2008 Jetta S has it...and here I thought I'd be getting more features...not losing any :) ). Sadly from what I can tell, this doesn't appear to be possible: I don't think you can easily replace the rear window switches on the driver's side panel with 1 touch down) or if you can get the correct regulators for the rear windows. Our Sedona has 1 touch down for the rear windows: seems weird that it's omitted on the Optima.

2) Remote Start or Possibly: K5OS Canbus Control Module. Not a fan of the UVO app remote start so far. Not 100% sure if I need everything offered in the K5OS. Plus I'm concerned about mods that may void my warranty

3) Wireless Charger

4) Body color mirror caps (strange that this is only available on the SXL for 2019), I'm thinking best way to go would be to have them repainted to factory color? The car is Passion Red and the black mirrors don't look quite right to me.

----not seriously considering (unless the price is right)---
5) Autofold mirrors: judging from an older post I saw, the cost of parts alone, it looks to be more trouble (expense) than it's worth (mirrors, door wiring harnesses (left and right).

6) Probably too crazy or prohibitively expensive: Curious to see if it's possible to add the 360 view to my car. If it were possible, I doubt it would be easy or cost effective since I'm assuming that you would have to buy 3 cameras (actually 2 mirrors and 1 grille), new shifter panel with the camera button, plus any system/infotainment mods).

I get the feeling doing 4, 5 and 6 are crazy schemes and would put the cost over what I would have spent if I had just looked for a used '19 SXL in the first place. :). No doubt #6 alone would put me over the price of a SXL, but I'm curious to see if it could be done at all.

Thanks for reading this far, see you on the forum!

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Welcome to the Optima Forums Adam, quite the intro there. :)

Congrats on getting your 2019 Optima SX, glad to have you with us here.

For starters, no modifications you do will automatically void your warranty, or give you issues with it.

Feel free to read more about how that works on our site here: Will aftermarket parts installed affect my factory warranty?

You can find our remote starter option on our website here: K5OS Canbus Control Module - K5 Optima Store

You mentioned a wireless charger in your list, we carry one on our site here: 2016-2020 Kia Optima Wireless Phone Charging Kit - K5 Optima Store

Let us know if you have any questions about these or any other products we carry on the site.

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