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Hello everyone.

I'm David from LAP3USA, the distributor for LAP3 Korea.

I'd like to introduce Lap3/Pross, the tuning division of SPIRRA of Korea.

Amongst LAP3's greatest achievements, LAP3 holds the world's highest HP records

for the Optima/Sonata 2.0T-GDI platform.

We have recently become interested in entering the U.S. market,

and we are now here to provide safe and reliable ECU tunes for the 2011-2015 TF Optima 2.0T-GDI.

We R&D'd and tested tunes for many months in the U.S. already, and finally released the LAP3 ECU Tuning module called: Uncle Boost, which you can find from the link below.

I hope to bring more tuning options and parts in the state. :)

- David @ LAP3USA


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Welcome David. Thanks for posting this introduction so people know who you are.

For further clarification - David is a distributor for the LAP3 ECU tunes only. He is not the sole North American Distributor for LAP3, nor is he an employee of LAP3. I don't want anyone confused that he is representing the entire company from a manufacturer's standpoint.

He has volunteered to help bring the LAP3 ECU tunes to North America and will serve as a liaison to LAP3 Korea in regards to these ECU tunes.

If you have any questions or concerns about these tunes, don't hesitate to reach out to him and ask! :thumbsup:
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