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since there's very little info on the manual trans 2011 Optima's, i decided i would get a cruise control install thread started.

there's 2 ways to do it.

1. find a used LX or EX wheel without paddle shifters that has cruise installed on the wheel. wiring plugs directly into the clock spring. if it is a heated wheel, it will not hurt anything. you will just have 2 extra connectors to tuck away when installing in your car.

2. i went this way since i work at a Kia dealer and all the parts cost me the same amount as a used wheel would.

Cruise control steering pod. Part# 96710-2T000CA
Cruise control wheel wiring. Part# 56190-2T510
Steering wheel trim piece. Part# 56171-2T200

both ways will work. 2 issues will happen when installing, though 1 of the issues may be able to be fixed with the clock spring from a cruise control equipped Optima.

1. There will be no cruise indicator that lights up on the cluster when you turn on the cruise.

2. the mute and trip buttons on the left lower spoke of the wheel will not function. the reset button does still work but you will not be able to scroll through your different trip and average mpg/mph. (this is where i think installing a cruise equipped clock spring may fix this issue.)

hope this helps the few of us who own a manual model and wanted cruise. i was happy to give up being able to check my average mpg/mph for cruise. i will install a factory cruise equipped clock spring later on and see if that lets the whole wheel function correctly. if it does then i will update this thread.
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