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I'm going in ... if I am not back in a couple hours call for help.

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In a couple hours I'm going in for my third oil change @ 8800 miles (first oil change that KIA is doing) and to revisit the fuel door sticking again. 5W-20 synthetic. I'll probably end up getting the 5W-30 that you 2.0 guys never seem to get. I'll bet KIA probably has a stock pile of that stuff by now. :D
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Third oil change at 8800 miles? why so early?
Specially for a Hybrid. They should be changed every 7500.
First one was at 1500. Second one was at 3000. Then on schedule for every 7500 thereafter which would put me at 10,500 mile for next due. Currently at 8800 and am going on several road trips next week, if all pans out, which could put me over 12,000 and I don't want to deal with it during the trips, plus they can look things over and make sure all is good.

I know the second one wasn't really necessary and the first one was a judgement call. I don't really get a lot highway miles on it. I would consider myself severe duty due to the short commute 5 days a week. Just four miles each way.
How are you at 8800 not driving hwy and only 8 miles a day? I bought mine in December and still have a little over 3,500 miles, driving all over.
I survived. Oil changed. Fuel door - silicone spray. Fixed the skirt on the front bumper - too many curb grabs when parking when I first got it.

I do get some highway miles in on some weekends, but during the work week it is a short commute, plus lunch runs which I forgot to mention, maybe another 8 or so there.
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