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2015 SX-T SWP, 2012 EX, Spicy Red
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I found the box that has all four of my 2012 EX base Spicy Red, that I bought new on 12/23/11.
I fully believed that the speakers from my stock, base model stereo were an ohms GM used to do on a LOT of cars. Say you had the bad luck of having one of those double din looking stereos with an auto reverse tape deck, giant Base and Treble knob's and a blue LED time display.
Well, they all ran on a 10 ohm speaker system so the amp in the stereo could be super cheap, but you would get good bass, especially since most times the rear speakers were mounted on the rear deck, using the whole trunk as a sub box.

I ASSUMED Kia was playing the same game, as my 60w rms Kicker CS series in the doors have of my 2012 use a 4 channel Kicker 240 watt rms, 4 channel amp under the passenger seat.
I have to run these speakers on -6 or -7 bass or they fart. Well, I have great treble up front, but no bass. I use my cheap Magnum 2x10 sub and a 300 w rms Kicker amp in the trunk.
Well, you might say.....everybody wins!!! No, we don't. The bass model stereo in my 2012 EX has a 20w x 4 rms rating. Sure enough, on the back of my speakers...they said 20w/40w which means of course 20 rms. So NOW I know what happened. I assumed that was a 7 watt per channel 10 ohm stereo, but it is really a 20w x4 decent 4ohm radio, so I am pushing too much dirty power into those Kicker speakers. The radio needs a converter to low level inputs, or a switch needs to be thrown on the Kicker amp that it is high level input..

Either way, based on what I zm seeing, the Kia Optima Stereos are 4ohm. Not 10.
My apologies.
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