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I'm still a newbe to this forum but I wanted to tell you about my first expierence with a Kia dealership service dept. in Orlando Fl. I just bought a used 2017 Kia Optima LX with just over 40,000 miles (Yea, it was a hertz rental car) I had the car looked at by my friend (who is a mechanic) at the Hertz car sales lot, he didn't put it on a rack but did get under the car and said everything look good. I bought the car and it runs great and everything works except one map light, no big deal. Two days later my neighbor comes over and admires the car and said he knows someone at Tuffy auto center who can run the VIN and see if the car was ever at a Tuffy for any kind of service. Sure enough it was at Tuffy just a month ago for an oil change when it was still owned by Hertz, it had an oil change done (I guess to show clean oil for any buyers) but it also recommended a new left axle! Well now, I called the place where I bought it and emailed a copy of the Tuffy invoice to them and asked what they are going to do about this. They said bring the car to a local Kia Dealer and have them take a look and we'll pay for any inspections. So now after that Long prelude this is where I get to the dealership service section. I brought it to Orlando Kia East in Orlando Fl. I explained the situation and they said they'll road test the car put it up on a lift and do a COMPLETE inspection and check everything under the car. Well I left the car and 2 1/2 hours later they called and said everything is fine and everything looks great! He told me they checked all of the suspension, drive axles, exhaust system, brake systems (including checking the life of the brakes shoes on all four wheels) then the service advisor said the tech. checked under the hood to make sure everything was good there also! WOW! So my next question to the service advisor was how much did this set me back? His response was nothing, zip, zero! He said your a new Kia owner and even if it's a used Kia we at the dealership want to make sure your happy and feel good about your "new" car. Well now, I know there are horror stories about Kia service at dealerships and maybe down the road this will bite me in the ass but they just got me for all of my service on my "new Optima" in the future. I know it's more expensive but what is the "price" for fantastic service. Sorry for the long story.
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