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Not much action so thought I take up some space with the fuel mileage on our
'11 2.0T, 2 adults, 60# dog and trunk loaded with luggage:
Left Jersey for Florida, actually 1101 miles and to my surprise the fuel mileage
was actually lower than what I thought I would see, maybe 29 mpg (last year).
Slowdowns around Philly, DC and Virginia, but for the most part stayed at 80 mph,
traffic permitting.

Bottom line 27.2 mpg with a 57.9 mph average, and before asking, these numbers
were achieved through calculation.

Here's a strange twist, on the trip last year and in the interim, a qt. of oil every 600 miles. Added oil to the full line last Saturday, trip to AC and back, 230 miles, some around town driving @ 300 miles, then the trip to Florida 1101 miles and oil still about 3/8" above above add????

Got to monitor the oil, but I will say the 2.0T is worth it's weight in gold when on the highway. Around town it rides like a truck, but at 80, rides/handles fine and the pickup is almost unbelievable for a mid-size car, if that's the classification. There were times when acceleration was needed, and not even putting the pedal to the metal the car was at 90 in a blink of the eye. Coming out of a rest area, seemed like a caravan of trucks bearing down on us, so went into the "slow" lane then accelerated into middle then into "passing" lane and was doing 87 and ahead of the pack.

As much as I don't like the overall product, it does what I want it to do accelerate, although the fuel mileage certainly takes a hit.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!
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