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2015 SX-T SWP, 2012 EX, Spicy Red
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I just could see ZERO benefit in this HPS thing. I bought the heat shield too...but the intake pipe is a thin pipe of stainless that goes under the heat shield into the hot zone behind the engine. Raises air Temps to 131° (measured today @ local Kia dealer).
There is carbon and soot all up and down my exhaust. I got 60% of my power back.
She runs do much smoother, quieter, and faster. But I could use some advice on how to clean all the carbon out of my intake, midpipe, and exhaust. Still no warning lights (never on this car) but I feel flat spots in her power delivery. What would you do in your quest to reclaim escaped horses?
I am running all stock now except for the Magnaflow Exhaust system and my Infotinment stuff (head unit all the way back to Rockford Fosgate's. )
So what are the main power sapping areas on the 2014-2015 (really the 11-15) 2.0t engines? I would love to hear some power gaining strategies.
Thanks guys. I have put too much love into this car. Maybe I shoulda bought a Mustang...but I still like the Optima. The style. Class, power lines and aggressive front end. She's my 👶!
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