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Hello guys,
I'm having a real rough time lately with my optima hybrid 2013 model, since its the second time it left me in the middle of the intersection, dash full of warnings like it was a chistmas tree. Last year I had a similar issue with Check hybrid system warning pop up at a stop. It proved to be the oil pump inside the transmission. This year, similar behavior plus check engine light and a service light. I had it for two months in the kia shop and they couldnt figure it out. The error code is P0A78 Drive motor A invertor performance.
They said it could be something in the transmission, so they changed the clutch pack disks and two bearings or something like that and still no go. They they said its the electric engine and also it could be the HPCU unit...but I cant afford to spend so much money on their guesses I moved it to a hybrid service in the area.
The electrical engine seems to be good, but the inverter is I started searching for a SH new is almost 5000$ but it seems to be hard to find one that fits my other regions have an additional plug that I dont have...
Any chance you might know somewhere i could get it from totaled cars?
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