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Its time for another DIY. This time i show you how to fix illuminated front door sill if its broken. I got different thread for how to install illuminated rear door sills if you want to check it out too (full installion guide).

So first thing, take the part off from the car. Using the interior remover tools you can pull these off (there is no screws to holding it in place). Remove the electric connector and your good to go.

As you can see, there is only 2 different kind of clips holding it together. (sorry for picture quality, it was dark and snowy when i did this :D)

Next thing is to remove stainless steel part out of the plastic frame. Turn these clips (circled in yellow) to straight position with example pliers and small crowbar and take the part off.

Wire and connector are hot glued to plastic frame so its easy to remove them away.

Next step is to find out how the factory unit works and figuring out how you want to fix it. If you don´t want to buy original parts and do something else like i did, its good to know that there is not much space to deal with.. (if you dont want to make extra holes to plastic frame or do some other major cutting)

Factory led unit is attached to stainless steel part with some double-sided tape. You need to use hot air gun + something sharp to take it off.

What i decided to do, was save all the original parts except electrical circuit board. I forgot to take picture from finished product, but i try to demonstrate with paint how best i can :D.

So i saved parts 1,2 and cut end of the part 3 with appropriate pliers where it connects to electrical circuit board (this part brakes so easily more than you want so be careful with it). Next i did same to plastic frame and get rid off the original electronics. With soldering iron i detached wires away from electrical circuit board for later use. Now i did have some space to work with and add my own light source. I was lucky enough that i did my front door mood lighting upgrade before this project and got extra led parts from there (factory one with exact the same colour as i wanted) :cool: Funny thing was, that this led part was almost like a spot on to that free space what i just made so width, height and length were perfect. Only problem was, that light source itself was not middle of the part, instead it was in upper corner.. so i figured out that i use optical fiber cable (yellow arrow in picture) to get that light to middle of the part and then continue to part 3, and it worked great! :thumbsup::shocked: (sounds and looks complicated, i know :D).

After this, its time to put everything back together in reverse order and connect those + and - wires together. Just peel the original wires a little bit to get led part wires wrapped around them nicely and then solder those wires together. Now remember to check that wires connected right, + to + and - to -, you know to deal:rolleyes: Protect the wires well with heat shrink tubing/vulcanized tape and make sure that there is no possibility wires to damage/rub/grind against anything while everything is back together.

Remember to turn those stainless steel clips again to 90 degrees to lock it in place. Once you done with that, take the hole part with you back to car and remember to plug wire connector in before pushing part back to its original place.

Next just enjoy to results! :cool::thumbsup:

If you got any problems/questions, feel free the ask!
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