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Going from a setup with factory HID headlamps and projectors with HID bulbs to a setup with aftermarket LED replacement bulbs would be a downgrade, not an upgrade. If the vehicle was offered with LED headlights from the factory, those would outperform HID bulbs. However, since your vehicle came from the factory with HID headlight bulbs installed in the original headlamps, trying to install aftermarket LEDs would be a step down in terms of brightness and quality.

You are better off upgrading the factory HID bulbs to a better quality set of bulbs. The OSRAM CBI D1S bulbs below are 20% brighter than the stock bulbs and are 100% plug and play for what you have now.

OSRAM XENARC 66140 CBI HID D1S Bulbs - K5 Optima Store

We do have these in stock and offer free same-day shipping as well.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts