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Help diagram for optima with infinity sound system

Hey guys
Really need some help over here :/
I have a factory infinity sound system with navi and amp.
I bought a tesla style Android screen that it should be plug n play for my model but unfortunately it wasn't..

1. I got no sound. I only hear a tzzzzz form the uper speaker in the dash no matter volyom, the sound comming directly after i plug in contact

2. Rear camera connector is smaller then my factory Camera connector.

3. Steering wheel controls not working

I did a research and what i found was that the harness i got with the new tesla unit not plugged in the same diagram as mine. I think is plugged ater a standard sound diagram.

The problem is i couldn't find my diagram on the internet
Anyone have one for the infinity sound system ?

I found some diagrams that should be to the navi with amp but when i tryed to follow it with my factory i find that its not same

See picture down below .

This one for amp sounds tell that:
pin 1 is m-can high
Pin 13 in m-can low

But in my connector :
Pin 1 and pin 13 is empty.
Mine start from pin 2 (brown )

I have a factory alpine amp with a 3 connector. 2 white and one gray (speakers wires?)

I will fix the sound by put a new 5 channel amp using the factory speakers wires in the trunk

But i need the diagram for the connector in the head unit so i got my steering wheel controls working and also try to make the rear camera work

Pictures of the head unit and some of the connectors

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Here is the link to download the file I did (only for European2012-2014 Optima)

I hope this helps you out. :)

Be careful to isolate all RCA plugs that are not used, orthey might short with the chassis, and you’ll hear a nice buzzz instead of music J

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