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I have a Kenwood DDX9906XR unit and I am not used to having the EQ setup. I’m used to having the -5 to +5 scale for treble, mid and bass. On the old stock system, I had bass at zero, mid at 3 and treble at 5. For me, with all the various types of music I listen to, was the sweetspot, good middle ground for me. I can’t seem to find it with this EQ setup. None of the presets sound good/isn’t what I’m used to hearing.

Generally speaking, I like fullness/loudness of sound. Not tinny, but just enough low frequency to give it full sound without over thumping and/or making it seem like it’s trying to hard to insert bass. With my various attempts at working this, I seem to be able to easily find bass or easily focus on vocal but it always ends up being too much one way or another.

As for sources, I do use HD Radio, Apple Car Play, streaming services (Pandora, etc) SiriusXM.

I’m hoping to find help telling me which adjustments I should make, which EQ bars I should move in which direction to give it good full sound.

I’m not an expert at this and I’m depending on more skilled people to help me. Lol
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