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You'll need a new "Switch Assembly-Remocon" —part number will vary depending on your car's options, you'll want to enter the VIN on the parts site to make sure you've got the right one. I've used kiapartsnow dot com with good results. It's about 80 bucks.

You'll need a steering wheel puller. You can usually borrow one from a local parts store.

You'll need a tool to remove the airbag. A pin punch or a slender Philips #1 screwdriver should suffice.

You'll need to disconnect the battery, because you don't want to set off the airbag while you're removing it. Disconnecting the battery will erase your radio presets, so write them down first. You'll also need to reset your power windows and sunroof when you're done; that's easy and described in the owner's manual.

The procedure isn't difficult, but you need to be very careful handling the airbag. It can go off at any time. Always remember that and don't get in the way of the business end. Don't sit in the driver's seat while you're removing it. Don't do it when you're prone to static electricity (dry air, static-generating clothes, etc.). And don't put it down face-down—always leave the business end facing up, so that if it goes off, it doesn't turn itself into a projectile.

Before you pull the steering wheel, make note of the alignment marks so you don't get the wheel back on crooked. If you need to, make a new alignment mark with a paint pen or a small dab of nail polish.

There's versions of the Kia shop manual online, or you can buy short-term access from Kia or through a service like Alldata DIY. Your local library might offer access to Mitchell or Alldata, too.

If your fog lights aren't working, this is a good time to replace the headlight/turn-signal switch, too.
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