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Help please...

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I have a 2012 Kia optima hybrid 2.4, 1 month ago I hit a pothole which broke my tranny cooler, I drove for 3 days with the water mixing with my transmission fluid, I finally realized what had happened after my car starting loosing power,
I opened up the radiator cap and to my horror tranny mixed with water..not pleasant, so I immediately did a transmission flush about 20 of them, untill my transmission oil looked nice and red and without water
had to of course change the tranny cooler, I started it up and it ran fine...or so I thought, I noticed it slipping in 2 and 3rd gear so I added Lucas tranny fix which kind of helped, but here is where I'm stuck now all the sudden my hybrid battery depletes literally instantly I try driving it, when I put it in reverse it makes this very high pitched rev sound , sounds like a jet engine rev...very revvy sounding.
. And when I put it in drive it sounds the same and doesn't jerk I can drive for literally 30 seconds and then hybrid battery depletes and then stuck. So it's currently stuck non drive able can anybody help me understand how to fix this? Is it my transmission going bad to the point where it won't charge the hybrid battery?
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