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2013 optima lx
Ok I am confused. Have a slight knock and my car is home but I am traveling to trying to order a passenger side CV joint.
Is it one piece? I see a diagram that shows an outer shaft.

And every time I think I found one and put vehicle info in it says doesnt fit my vehicle. WTH

This is what I bought

Check this out at
DTA DT128082 Front Right, Passenger Side CV Axle Fits 2011-2013 Kia Optima 2.4L Automatic

2011 Kia Optima
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The right side has and intermediate shaft and the right side half shaft is connected to that.
Amazon states R/S '11-'13 so guess that's the axle needed.
Not certain the differences, but Kia OEM parts list the R/S axle for 2013
To 5/1/13 US & Korean built A/T 2.4 49501-4C350
From 5/2/13 US built 2.4 49501-C351

RockAuto has a R/S axle assembly $58.89 lifetime warranty and has dimensions listed:
Compressed length 38 5/8"
48 teeth ABS ring
27 splines into knuckle
28 splines into intermediate shaft
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