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2015 Kia Optima SX Turbo
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Hey everyone this is my first post on here. So I have a 2015 kia optima sx turbo. I was looking into a bigger screen with Android Auto. Had to scratch the Tesla style because apparently it won't fit my 15 optima. ?. I'm now looking at some Sony and pioneer headunits and just not liking any of them. No volume dials, look like soft touch screens. Does anyone recommend anything in particular. I loved the Tesla one because the trim it came with makes it look OEM. These ones I'm seeing do not lol. If anyone has any advice or should I just keep the stock unit and continue using Bluetooth and the crappy kia nav. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Optima Forums!

Congrats on getting your 2015 Optima SX Turbo.

We unfortunately do not have any options to add Android Auto to your vehicle.

It will be very hard to find a unit that looks OEM, but has Android Auto, since the vehicle didn't come with that.

We do have a unit on our site that replaces the OEM screen with an OEM Integrated Navigation System.

This unit will not add Android Auto to the vehicle, unless it already had that feature built into it. (2017+ Optima models)

However, we can offer you a significant discount on the unit from the price shown on our site, if you are interested in it.

You can find it here: UNAVI X5 (OEM Integrated Navigation System) - K5 Optima Store

Let us know if you have any questions.

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