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2014 Optima Hybrid

12K miles - Bought the car as certified pre-owned in 2017, dealer said it was a lease vehicle prior to purchase

13K miles - Transmission starts knocking, dealer replaced under warranty without issues, said they have seen lots of Optima with transmissions **** out so they knew right away what the issue was and ordered a new one

~50k-ish miles - One headlight goes out, change it, the other one goes out less than 1k after that, changed it too.

50k-90k miles - Both headlights continue to burn out every 1k-5k, never at the same time, but I'm changing out headlights 1-2 times a month.

90k - Hybrid system warning comes on, then disappears, before I am able to stop. Car functions normal

100-103k Hybrid system warning is more frequent, requiring stop and restart. Read this may be a sign of 12v battery going out, so I replace. Passenger headlight out, turn the socket to pull the bulb and harness out and the plastic breaks on the headlight assembly, the part the harness rotates into. My guess is that the plastic got so hot it weakened, edges look melted. Don't replace the bulb, just lay it back in the assembly as is and plan to order another headlight assembly.

103k - Within a week of new battery, hybrid system warning and vehicle shuts down. Coast to the side of the road, stop and restart does not work. Passenger headlight still out. Kia roadside towed to local Kia dealer. High voltage fuse safety plug is bad. Figured I could save myself the $400 dealer bill so I have it towed to my house and look to the order the part. Hours after it's dropped off, I go to the car to get something. Car is trying to start and immediately shutting off, trying to start, erroring, shutting down. Just an endless cycle of it trying to turn itself on and immediately going through shut down, don't know how long this has been going. That infernal start up and shut down tune over and over. Had to disconnect the 12v battery just so it would stop. New battery is dead, won't take a charge, warranted out and replaced, figured there is a parasitic drain somewhere, so I leave the replacement battery unhooked. Circumstances change and I don't have time to wait for the part to come in, tow dollied back to the dealer. Let them order and replace safety fuse. Passenger headlight still out. Drives home fine I remove the old bulb and leave the harness because I can't do anything until the new headlight assembly comes in, take it on a 5 hour trip without issues, except I never replaced the bulb. New headlight assembly comes in, but it's the wrong type for my car, main harness isn't the same, won't plug in. I use some steelstik to reattach the broken plastic to the headlight assembly, it holds so I replace the bulb. Another 5 hour trip and an hour and a I half into it I start getting hybrid system warning again. Comes one, disappears. My 12v accessory plug in has a digital display for voltage and its reading 14.2v going down the road. Hybrid system warning comes on and the voltage drops to 12.1v. Once the warning disappears voltage goes back 14.2v. Does this 3 more times in the next 30 mins. Suspecting the headlight I just replaced, because it had previously gotten so hot it weakened the assembly, and that I had drove 5 hours with no bulb and didn't have issues but was now having issues an hour and a half into with the bulb replaced. Pulled over and removed the passenger headlight, drove the final 3 hours without and hybrid warnings. Because of this I suspect there is some kind of short related to the headlight and it caused the safety plug it burn out. Searching doesn't seem to turn up anything similar to my issue, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm searching for. Looking to replace the halogens with HIDS to solve the issue. Suggestions?
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