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I have been having this problem with my car. I drive this 2014 Kia Optima Lx. When I turn my headlights on the break light stays on at all times. No matter if I turn them on auto or on they stay on. My break light bulbs keep burning out and I have to replace them every week. It looks like the part where the bulbs goin that socket are burnt. Also when I turn my headlights on the traction control appears and when I turn them off and restart my car it disappears. It only comes on when I turn on my headlights and my car is started. Also on my right side passenger window I cant let it down using the driver side button. I can let it up on that side but I cant let it down, I have to reach over to the passenger side to let it back up. It will operate up and down on the passenger side, but only operate down on the driver side panel. I only drive my car during the daytime because my break lights stay on and people don't know when I'm about to stop. I do not turn them on while I'm driving in the daytime because you are able to see my break lights when I push them to stop. I don't know anything about cars so maybe reading this sounds a bit confusing. If anyone can give me some input please do. Nox Vidmate VLC
If you're buying a standard brake light bulb they are incandescent. your brake light relay is probably bad.
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