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So I purchased my car with a salvage title. It's a 2015 LX. I pulled out one of the low beam bulbs and it was an h11. Great, so i purchased some h11 LED, but the problem is on the otherside, that was hit in the accident, was replaced with an H7 style headlight. I bought a set of h7 leds, but they don't match the same beam pattern. So I was going to cut the h7 base off, wire in a h11 base, and go from there. But the h7 socket is a different size and the h11 won't fit in there. So is my best bet to try and find some h7 leds with the same beam pattern, try and find an adapter so the h11 will seat correctly, or replace the entire headlight unit?

The H11 have a nice flat even beam, while the H7 are really diffused and not as "crisp and clear" if that makes sense.

Thank you
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