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Grinding noise when starting

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My 2014 Kia Optima SX Turbo has been making a grinding noise when I try to start it. I push the button to start it and it starts making a grinding noise over and over but the engine doesn’t start. I push the button again to turn it off and then push it again to start it and it starts just fine, no grinding noise. I took it in and they said my battery, alternator, and starter are good. My serpentine belt did need to be replaced which they are doing right now. Has anyone else had this problem and have any insight on what could be wrong?
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As the car doesn't start, I'd zero in on the starter and do the normal tests.
Anyway to post a video?
It sounds like the starter drive is not completely engaging the starter gear to the flywheel gear when it grinds. That problem is usually inside the starter motor. It would also be advisable to check the flywheel gear teeth for wear.
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