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Greetings from Venice Beach - New user and proud owner of 2013 Optima

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Hey all,

I've been in and out of these forums for random topics since purchasing my Optima in February. Lots of good stuff and cool peeps.

I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing stuff along the way.

Since my purchase of the 2013 Optima in Feb I've installed amp and subwoofer, custom rims and tires, tinted my windows and just ordered the K5 daytime running light kit. Once installed that might be the last custom upgrade for the year. We shall see.

I have plenty more on my todo list and hope to provide any suggestions or tips to others about anything I've already encountered.

Okay.. that's it for now

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Hello and welcome to the family! Congrats on picking up your 2013 Optima..

Where did you buy your K5 daytime running light kit from?

If there is anything else you are looking to have done to your Optima, make sure to take a look at my site.

hey welcome to the forums bro! thats a good looking mod list so far, do you have any pictures? we'd love to take a look at your car :)
Welcome to the community drama! Congrats on the new ride. You know what we are all gonna ask for next, right? Photos!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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