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Gen coupe r spec wheels 19x8.5 et 35 all around

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Hi guys, I have 2 sets (4 fronts and 4 rears) of the older 19" r spec wheels and I would like to go with the rear wheels in all 4 corners in my 15 sxl and was wondering if it's possible, they are 19x8.5 et 35 and I would like to go with the stock tire size which I believe is 245/35/19 and would like also to drop the car no more than 1" with eibach lowering springs. I don't want to go staggered, that is why I got my hands in 2 set of wheels so I could make the perfect package.

I don't want to go with the front ones as I like wider wheels/tire set up.

Reason I would like to go with stock size tires is because I don't like stretch looks and I'm going for a flush fender look, don't want them to poke at all.

So my question is, will this set up work, no poke, no rub when lower about 1"?

if someone's has the same set up, could you please post pics from different angles!

Thanks in advance.
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I have the r spec wheels and when I had 245's on the 19.8 I would run like crazy. Can't imagine the 8.5's. But I'm on ark springs. Not sure what the difference is between these and eibachs.

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been covered a few times. try the search function.
You're missing the point slightly (everyone does for some reason).

The front and rear wheels have the same offset and both widths fit our car fine. So whatever size tire you choose, the centerline of the tread will be in the exact same place when you mount them on either set. The only difference will be the profile of the tire sidewall due to the difference in the rims width (which won't be much in this case). If you were doing an extreme drop and using wide/low offset wheels you might stretch a tire so that the tread tucks up under the fender, but you're numbers are more reasonable.

That said, you'll be cutting it close. Eibachs will lower the front about 1.4 front and 1.2 rear. (I know they list .08 back but a bunch of us measured it at 1.2 when we first got them, my front's were 1.37 to be exact. I feel like we've beaten this horse to death but it's never going to die. :rolleyes: ) I'd say run coils, (or) be prepared for a slight bit of rub up front with the pro kit (probably not so much I'd even worry about it), or be prepared to swap to a 235/40 or 225/40 if needed.
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