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Can highly recommend this place.

Any new Kia gets free oil changes and rotations for life.

Their service department has been absolutely awesome. They have taken care of me numerous times and all I do is keep perfect maintenance of the vehicle (it goes in every 3k miles). Apparently that goes a long way!

In one case, my SXL wheels started flaking the chrome off from inside parts that is obviously not curb rash. Had 59k miles on the car. DPSM looked at my service history and replaced all of them for free. Those wheels are about $750 each for those that don't know.

They've installed a few mods for me when not wanting to deal with stuck bolts or cold weather.

Lastly, engine died recently and they fought for me to get an engine covered under recall/warranty. Even with mods installed. They move all mods over too on to the new engine for no extra cost or issue.

Never had any issues having mods on my vehicle and going here. In fact, they love all I've done and love seeing/hearing about the new stuff every time.

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I too have a similar dealership experience at Napelton Kia in Fishers, Indiana. Very mod friendly, great warranties on top of the oem one and good customer experience all around. Cant say enough about them.
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