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I've noticed a gargling noise from the engine that I have never heard before.
  • 2013 LX
  • 130,000 miles
  • This happens at acceleration as well as letting off the gas.
  • It doesn’t happen in park if I revved up the engine.
  • If this is considered “normal” for a GDI engine then I can understand that.
  • I noticed the issue about 2-3 months ago during the colder weather.
  • I use Top Tier premium fuel. To add, I get gas at the same location in case there was a, “you may have gotten bad batch of fuel,” response.
  • I have kept up with the oil changes every 3,000-5,000.
  • With the mileage as high as it is I've never really used a fuel cleaner.
Final thought, after reading this post from the forum it makes more sense. Any more ideas? Thanks!
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