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Ed Napelton KIA of Elmhurst *Where I got the car*

When the dealer tells you it's taking them 3hrs after you completed paperwork on your new car purchase/lease to detail the car for you... They're giving you used tires. Thanks Ed Napelton of Elmhurst! You leased me a brand new car with less than 100 miles on it with 4 year old tires that had well over 40k miles, the tires were totally bald and after less than a year of ownership I had to have them replaced as I couldn't make it up my drive way with a sub 10 degree incline this past winter. Totally appalled and I feel stupid for not checking the tires when I initially got the car.

Gerald Kia of North Aurora, IL *Where I service my car*

Please click the link in my Sig to see how it's been with Gerald Kia of North Aurora

***It's an even worse situation***
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