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I have a 2013 SXL 2.0 Turbo. Part of the e-brake motor that mounts on the rear caliper broke off so that i can only install one of the "pain in the a**" hex screws to mount it on the rotor. I can'tr for the life of me find a way to order the e-brake motor or whatever it's called. In fact, when I google rear calipers, none of the responses ever mention this part. How the heck do I get a replacement?

Also, I now get a noise from that same wheel whenever I come to a stop that sounds like something -the caliper or the pads- are moving around. It's awful, and it can be loud. I've gone back over the whole area to be sure I had tightened everything but can't seem to resolve the problem. Again, has anyone else had a similar issue.

Thanks for any help or advice!

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