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I just got a 2017 Optima SX - and i'm a tinkerer so naturally the first thing i did was start looking for parts.

I feel like a lot of places arent stocking exhausts anymore. From the reading i've been doing, I'm looking to add a 3" down pipe, 3" mid pipe with a high flow cat and resonator, and a 2.5" cat back exhaust. I'm planning on keeping the stock turbo and not pushing it TOO hard, and i live in NY state so i need to pass emissions testing still and i would like something that isnt obnoxiously loud.

I did manage to find a place that had the Injen SRI and torque solutions BOV sound plate in stock and have already ordered those. I'm definitely going to go with the wagner intercooler and a catch-can in the near future. (at least the wagners seem to be available still)

eventually i would like to add a piggy back tuner like the LAP3 or the JB4, but havent really settled on one yet.

Everywhere i have looked, nothing seems to be in stock for my year (at least for exhaust parts). Is the aftermarket area just dead for these cars or did i just happen to start looking while everyone was out of inventory?

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Welcome to the Optima Forums @TheSafetyGnome

Congrats on getting your 2017 Optima SX.

Unfortunately, there are less and less performance parts being made for the Optima these days.

Most of which because the Stinger came out and everyone has been making parts for that car instead.

I did get your PM right now, and will get right back to you.

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