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What's up everybody. Just wanted to share my quarantine project I did last month on my 12 K5. I'm not real good at explaining or doing these editorials but I'll make it short and sweet. I had a hard time finding a diffuser like the one from the k5 store. It's been discontinued and wont be making them anytime. So what I did was find a descent diffuser piece on Ebay for $25 that will mount on my oem diffuser. When I received it, I had to cut one of the fins to fit my oem diffuser. Once I sanded down and clean the edges, I screwed onto my diffuser. It had holes already for the screws to mount. I sanded the add on piece along with my diffuser. This is the hard part. I had some bondo in my garage so I added it onto the edge of the piece to blend in with my oem diffuser. After a few trial and errors, I got it to were it was smooth and blended in with the diffuser. I used a 600 grit on the bondo At first and then a 1000 to smooth it out. Then came primer. I did 2 light coats then 2 heavier coats. Make sure to get the filler kind. I wet sanded with 1200 grit then continued to paint. I used a flat black paint I had already and it worked great. Same process, 2 light and 2 heavier coats. I then finished off with 5 coats of clear. I waited a week to mount it on to my car. One thing I recommend is using fiberglass and then Bondo for a more sturdy job. Thanks for checking out
mounted with screws and sanded
Bondo and sanded smooth all around edges
paint and clearcoat
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