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Out of boredom I installed the FREE Dnload (via Special Installer Link) 4/12/21 Update in about 30 min and Gen 4 users don't have much to celebrate (Features link at bottom and I can't tell IF anything functional is New on Gen 4's) .
Gen 5's like 2018-20 Optimas appear to get an Aqua GUI like the Gen 5W's, and That I would like.
Most New Features dialogue is about Gen 5's.
Everything was Automatic once I turned the engine On with Updated SD card inserted and the System re-booted.

For my Gen 4 they've replaced the putrid drab Olive Green GUI with a new color called Exciting Gray ( for What Road are you on bar at screen bottom / shows in the New Features link below) ) and Black buttons (better than olive). WHY the GUI team hates COLOR is beyond me (ie) Navy or Royal Blue.....
Proceed as desired.......

1 - 2 of 2 Posts