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I've never owned a Kia before, but it's always crossed my mind to give them a shot, as they are really nice cars now. They have come a long way and I decided I want to support the mother land, as I was born in South Korea haha. Anyway, just picked up a 2015 SX-T with 55K miles on it. I'm the second owner and it's in fairly pristine condition, with the exception of a couple of exterior blemishes, but the interior is great. Looking forward to what I can learn on the forums.

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Welcome to the Optima Forums! :wave:

Congrats on pulling the trigger & getting your 2015 Optima SX-T.

Pretty low mileage as well for a 2015, not bad with only 1 owner.

Let us know if there is anything we can help you find to personalize it a bit.

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