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Hi there!
I want to share with u what I鈥檝e done with my dashboard.
I bought my Kia used after front end crash, so I have some issues to repair but I like to do so. 馃槄
I had some cracks and ugly primitive repairs on dashboard. I decided to try to repair it by myself. First it鈥檚 hard to find US dashboard with center speaker on it in Poland and second I don鈥檛 need to have a working airbags. 馃槄 Yes. I am weirdo. 馃構 Never mind. To the point.
I started with removing dashboard from car. It takes about 40-50min. Very easy without any super professional tools. I bought sheet of black eco leather about 3m long and 1,5m wide. I used spray glue for upholstery. Everything I鈥檝e done I done by myself but if u have someone to help it will be easier to stretch the leather in hard spots.

This is how my dashboard looks like before job:

Helmet Sports equipment Automotive tire Sports gear Automotive lighting
Grille Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle
Wood Road surface Automotive tire Building Flooring

Next step was to fix the passenger airbag crack. I used two-components glue.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tread Automotive design

And how it鈥檚 look after repair. 馃槑
Automotive lighting Fuel tank Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Furniture Couch Table Picture frame Bicycle part
Fuel tank Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive design
Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive mirror

Feel free to comment. 馃槍
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