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Hi there!

I had a little rattle with my dash fan (HVAC) and I decided to take some pictures while I tried to take it off.
If you need to take your HVAC fan out, I recommend you to take the passenger seat and the glove box off too.
It only takes a few minutes and you'll have more room to work under the dash. And, you can inspect or change your cabin air filter at the same time.
But it is not necessary if you don't want to...

Necessary tools:
-14mm socket wrench or equivalent.
-Phillips screwdriver.
-long nose pliers.
-little flat screwdriver.

1- With a little screwdriver, open the lid to access the bolt.

2- All 4 seat bolts are the same. Take them out (14mm socket).

3- When all 4 bolts are out, lift the front part of the seat and you must find the electrical harness.
Start with the 2 clips (red arrows) and disconnect all 4 connectors (green arrows).
You can use the long nose pliers for the two clips.

4- Clips are out.

5- They're kind of funny to do, because each one has a different way to disconnect. But I'm sure you'll be able to find out how to do all the 4...

6- Now, If you had the seat removed (or not), you can proceed to remove the glove box.
Again, it's not necessary to remove it to have access to the fan, but you could inspect or change your cabin air filter at the same time and clean the air duct.
Unscrew with your hand the two knobs (counterclockwise). The glove box will open wider.

7- Disconnect the retention arm with your hands. Be careful, the clip is a little fragile.

8- Let the glove box open completely.

9- Pull out, with our hands, the two hinge pins to detach the glove box.

10- Now, to detach the plastic tray under the glove box, you need to unscrew one Phillips screw (left) and to unclip with your fingers the two clips (center and right).
Once the front is loose, pull the tray towards you.

11- In detail, the plastic tray and clip locations.

12- Now, we have access to the HVAC fan. Disconnect the plug first, and you have 3 screws to loosen.

13- The third one is in the back of the lower vent out. Be sure to not let the fan hang with just one screw. It is heavy and you may broke the plastic housing.

Now you must have it in your hands!

Assembling: do the inverse of these instructions.

And, yes!! I took the leaf out! My HVAC is running quieter now.

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Approved! Excellent work buddy. And necessary if you need to remove a stuck leaf or curious critter!
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