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Custom Remote-Controlled LED Footwell Lighting

This is a cheap and easy DIY mod thought up and perfected by stephen44 and myself - Great mod for those of you that don't want to spend a lot of money

What you need:

4 x LED Strips (These are red) - $6.99
Wire for custom wiring harness (this is more than enough) - $5.49
LED Controller w/Remote - $7.88

Total: $20.36 (with Prime free shipping)

Additional optional items: (I used both of these as well)

Quick disconnects for LED strips - $8.99
Junction boxes (For those of you who aren't good with a soldering iron) - $9.58


Create your own wiring harnesses for all 4 LED strips. The front two LED strips will require 3 feet of wire each. The back two will require 4 feet each, for a total of 14 feet.

In these pictures I soldered on the quick disconnects to the end of the wires.

You'll want to solder/join all 4 positive and all 4 negative leads together to make one connection. Pay no attention to the white wires - I used wire that I already had in my garage. Those are negative leads, so pretend they're black.

I used junction boxes as well (linked above) so all I had to do was screw the connections in on one side:

You'll need to remove the shifter, and the plastic center trim surrounding it - which includes all the cigarette lighters, USB port, and audio jack. Disconnect the harnesses as well. You will be tapping into the power from one of the cigarette lighters here in a bit. ( - Steps 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9)

Now you're going to want to run your wires to each corner. I didn't even take out my center console for this, there's plenty of room to make it work. You'll need to reach your hand into the center console towards the front and feed the wires out into the footwell. It's very easy, it's all open in the back. Once I fed them through I hooked them to stop them from being pulled back in.

For the back two wires, it is a lot easier than it seems. Drop the wires directly down on either side of the shifter assembly, making sure the wires are right up against the inside of the center console. Then you can stick your fingertips under the bottom edge of the console and pull out - the wires will fall right out. Then you just slowly slide it towards the back of the console, tucking the wires back up into the console when needed.

Once you have the wires ran, tuck everything in out of the way and hook the LED controller to the harness.

The wires running to the cig lighters are yellow and black (on one side) and orange and black (on the other side). The colored wires are positive, black are negative. If you have a junction box, you can simply cut the wires, strip them, and feed them in to each side of the junction box, while adding the positive/negative leads for the LED controller on one side.

Check your wiring according to the diagram below:

The front LED strips I just stuck to the plastic trim at the opening to the footwell. (I'll add pics soon). The back ones I unclipped the felt under the seat and zip tied the strips right on.

I recommend you hook the harness back up at this point to test everything and make sure it works before you put everything back together.


Finished product (daytime pics)

I took a video of the LED functions which will be uploaded soon. The best part about this LED controller - it remembers yours last setting when you turn the car off. So you won't have to turn them back on each time you turn the car on!

If you need any additional pictures or detailed info, don't hesitate to post up and ask!

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haha - written up at last - that was a fun alternative for the back strips is to stick the led strip to some industrial Velcro (hook surface). This then sticks to the material at the rear of the seats (it is like the carpet).

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Can't thank this diy enough. I used the same LEDs, connectors, and the controller. I soldered all of my connections together and used heat shrink. I made sure every component I put on here has a quick disconnect so if I ever want to change the set up its easy to accomplish. For a power source I just used an add a fuse to an empty spot on the interior junction block that was hot at all times. Ground was used on the junction on block hold down nut with a washer on the back side of a ring connector. As for the LEDs I did both front foot wells and instead of the back two I used two of them to accent the grill. I also wired in some led trim to the circuit that is all controlled together. I plan on doing some more led styling of the same type but just waiting for parts. This simple mod I feel has complete changed the way the car looks in a subtle and nice way. Sorry about crappy pictures having trouble uploading

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


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How did you do this with the green around the dash?!

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**** the red LED strips aren't available anymore. Could you run the power directly to the fuse box rather than the cig adapter?
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