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Here is my 2012 K5 Optima SX 2.0TGDi

I bought my Kia after front crash and with several body and engine damages around. I started to work with her since 2019 and this is what I’ve done so on.
Custom black matte K badges

Custom front side splitters.
Grille Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood
Tire Wheel Plant Car Vehicle

Black satin wrapped trunk lid with emblem removal. Custom rear diffuser.
Blacked out bumper “lights”.
Car Vehicle registration plate Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive lighting

Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Wheel Grille

Rain visors.
Tire Car Wheel Plant Window
Car Window Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood

Black matte front fenders with matte and red stripped fender vents.
Sleeve Wood Musical instrument accessory Office supplies Writing implement
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

H&R Lowering springs
Blue Wood Automotive tire Gas Electric blue
Automotive tire Blue Bicycle tire Tread Asphalt

BlowOff plate
Oil Catch Tank
Led turn signals (tail)
Carbon fiber wrapped grille and door handles
(Photos soon)

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Interior is also one big renovation. Leathers were in very bad condition. I’ve changed all set of seats. I made custom leather wrap on dashboard, airbag and shift knob. Still have to do steering wheel and door side panels.

Driver seat was very used . Airbag doesn’t look good too.

Old vs New (full leather)

Handmade leather wrap. I think it looks a way better.

Dashboard before wrap. With repaired crack on passenger airbag. Dashboard was damaged by sun. I bought and bring car from Africa.

Dashboard after my wrap. Looks way better.

I have question. If anybody have the same issue as me with ripping out leather on door side panels?

I will use the same leather as I used on dashboard soon.

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