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Cski back to chat. Lost my acct info.

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I still have my red w/tan leather 12 EX. It got rear ended (I was sitting still and have no idea where his Prius came from, but the headlight and cabin part broke in two a bit and the battery and wheel part really screwed up my trunk underneath it and it bem t thr sheetmetal. So, I take it to the shop that the Pentagon employees USAA recommended shop, and after a MONTH I was told they could not work on it as the engine seized. So I was lucky enough to get the car covered under the engine recall notice that I got in the mail plus I have the gold extended warranty. They have my car for 5 months. There were no parts available at least that's what they said, because my neighbor had the same problem in his Sonata the same engine and he got a new engine in 2 weeks. So now it drives like ****. Just imagining 83 Cadillac Brougham. With a little bit less space for Mob hits in the trunk along with pair of golf clubs. Anyway I've been through a lot. Especially when I was supposed to get it back tomorrow and got a phone call Tuesday that they found more damage underneath the car and they had to order more parts. They were going to fix my bumper. It had nine holes in it, but I guess it reached the point where they had to put a new one on and paint it. So I get it back next Friday and then I will post on how it runs and see if they can set the steering to E X standard not ex light
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Goodluck. sounds like a mess! surprised it wasn't totaled out.
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