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just ordered a 8 channel Dayton DSP .In my system I have 8 speakers and 1 powered RF P300-12 powered by 2 amplifiers a 2 channel and 4 channel . right now I am active for my rear speakers and front dash 3.5s . My front component T2652-S are using the passive x overs . This is probably a stupid question but upon installing the Dayton DSP I should remove the Rockford x overs that components are hooked up to right? I'm asking because I have the x-overs hooked up to where I just have the tweeter speaker input powering it and not independent mid and high channels from amplifier to crossover. Since I am powering the components with a RF Punch 200.2 2 channel amp. If I lose the passive crossovers going to the full active Dayton DSP and I only have 6 channels of amplifier output with the 2 channel and 4 channel amps (which was okay with the passive t2 crossovers) but now I can't just tap the speaker line of the tweeters to the 2 channel amp for the mids because the DSP output crossover point wouldn't be correct . I am on a budget do I have anyway of getting around replacing the 2 channel amp for a 4 channel without losing to much performance or is this my only option? Not sure if I could use channel 1 for tweeters and channel 2 for mids on the 2 channel amp so they could be crossed over correctly with DSP just until I'm able to purchase a 4 channel amp? Hope that all made sense lol. If anyone can help out with any suggestions would really appreciate it Thank you!

Current install
2012 Kia optima ex non infinity system ( Car is fully sound deadened from hood to trunk ) (* New knukonceptz 14 gauge OFC wire ran to all speakers. 4 gauge OFC power to fused dist. block*)
  • After market head unit ATOTO A6 Pro Android
  • Front Dash - Set of Rockford Fosgate P132 3.5 coaxial
  • Front Doors - Component Set of Rockford Fosgate T2652-S
  • Rear Doors - Set of Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro PP4-6
  • Subwoofer - Rockford Fosgate P300-12
~ Amplifiers - 4 Channel Hifonics Brutus BXX 800.4 , 2 Channel Rockford Fosgate P2002
  • 3 way Sound Storm Electronic Crossover ( To be replaced with 8 Channel Dayton Audio DSP )
  • 2 farad Capacitor , 12 ft. 4 Channel Stinger 6000 RCA, 3 Ft. 2 Channel Stinger 8000 RCA, 1.5 ft. 2 Channel Stinger Comp. Series RCA , 6 ft. Rockford Fosgate 2 Channel RCA
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