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Hey everyone! 2011 EX-T w/premium package here.

I've recently had a curious issue with my driver's side heated/ventilated seat button. Sometimes when I start the car, it turns the heated seat on full by itself. Since it's just about summer, this is obviously not ideal. So I reach down to switch it to cool, only for it to turn itself off & become completely unresponsive for the remainder of the drive. The passenger side switch has no issue at all.

I've already replaced the whole switch assembly, which seemed to fix the issue... only for it to return. I've noticed that I can make the switch function normally again by reaching in & fidgeting with the wiring harness, so I'm thinking that a short in the console wiring harness may be causing my issue.

With that said, can anyone point me to the right part number so I can order the proper harness? I see that part #91870-2T020 is specified for models equipped with heated seats, but ventilation is not specified. Just want to make sure I'm ordering the right part.

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