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Reasons why I like the Kia Optima SXL more than the Lincoln MKZ

Gas Mileage:
According to the official figures, both vehicles get the same gas mileage, in reality, it isn’t even close. I go through half a tank of gas driving the MKZ, going to and from work. With the Lincoln I was ready to fill up after a week of driving to and from work. In addition, the gas mileage indicator on the MKZ was extremely inaccurate. Whatever the gauge said the actual gas mileage was actually 2.5 gallons less!!! Whenever I drove aggressively that gauge would dip down to the 17 mpg range…and I had to drive like a little old lady to get to 24 or 25 mpg in my mixed highway and city driving.

Safety features: Smart Cruise Control, Auto Stop, and Lane Keep Assist were an additional option that were an additional option that my MKZ did not have ticked off. Smart Cruise Control, Auto Stop, and Lane Warning were STANDARd on the Kia Optima SXL.

Ergonomics: Ergonomics were terrible in the MKZ…when I rested my arm on the armrest in the MKZ my hands did not rest on the switches for opening the window...I had to reach forward to open the windows. Same goes for using the complicated switches on the Synch II system on the MKZ that had haptic controls rather than buttons.

In addition, the push button shifter on the dash was awkward and unintuitive.

On the Optima, everything is right where it should be and you have real buttons!

Radio: Especially since I updated my maps which gave me Apple CarPlay and an update UVO entertainment system I love UVO. It is almost as good as the Uconnect system in my wife’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. Apple CarPlay

Performance and Handling: Handling was slightly better in the MKZ. It just hugs the road better and you get more road feel. However, performance feels better in the Optima. I also like the fact that you have to use Premium fuel to get the full 240 horsepower on the MKZ. The Optima makes 245 horsepower with regular!!! Although Kia doesn’t publish these numbers you are probably making close to 260 horsepower when you use premium fuel in the Optima.

Interior fit and finish: Hands down, the Kia is better. It is actually closer to my wifes Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit than it is to a Honda or Lincoln. My Optima has the all black interior with a black headliner that I LOVE. The Lincoln had real wood trim (that looked fake). The Kia’s interior is reminiscent of a BMW or an Audi. The switchgear and the buttons all feel more substantial on the Kia than on the Lincoln.

The panoramic sunroof on my Kia is far superior than the sunroof on my Lincoln (I had a normal sunroof on my Lincoln, not the impressive Lincoln panoramic sunroof.

Lincoln MKZ Advantages

The MKZ was AWD it was really handy in the rain and on slippery surfaces, not as valuable in the snow. Why? Well despite the marketing the real world gas mileage on the Ecoboost was so bad that the MKZ was very low to the ground. So low that I avoided driving it whenever the snow got a little deep.

Remote Start: The MKZ had remote start using the FOB and with the app. I really do not understand why remote start isn’t an option on turbo versions of the Optima.

So there you have it…as you can see, I am a lot happier with the Optima than with the MKZ. I do not are that the Lincoln is allegedly a “luxury” car. In my opinion the Optima is a much better luxury car than the MKZ ever will be.
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