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Car Won't Start - Electronics Going Haywire

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Hey everyone,

When trying to start my car, it does not start, makes a clicking noise, and all the electronics are going haywire. Headlights, dash, interior lights rapidly flashing, sometimes it says the key isn't detected, sometimes it says refuel. When trying to unlock/lock the car, the mirrors aren't folding out and the lights rapidly flash.

Here's a video of a little of what's going on: Streamable Video

I checked the voltage on the battery and got around 12.53-57 so I don't think it's a voltage issue. Connections are clean and secure on the battery leads. The car was driven with no problems roughly 4 hours ago, so it is not an issue with it sitting for a long time.

Any idea what this could be?
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having the same issue, also seems my hood latch is stuck and i cant get the hood open on my '11 SX...hope someone is on and can help at least get the hood open
yes, you might want to begin a new discussion with your question specific to the mechanical hood issue, so it doesn't get missed in this discussion about electronics.
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