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Car Won't Start - Electronics Going Haywire

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Hey everyone,

When trying to start my car, it does not start, makes a clicking noise, and all the electronics are going haywire. Headlights, dash, interior lights rapidly flashing, sometimes it says the key isn't detected, sometimes it says refuel. When trying to unlock/lock the car, the mirrors aren't folding out and the lights rapidly flash.

Here's a video of a little of what's going on: Streamable Video

I checked the voltage on the battery and got around 12.53-57 so I don't think it's a voltage issue. Connections are clean and secure on the battery leads. The car was driven with no problems roughly 4 hours ago, so it is not an issue with it sitting for a long time.

Any idea what this could be?
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having the same issue, also seems my hood latch is stuck and i cant get the hood open on my '11 SX...hope someone is on and can help at least get the hood open
I had the same problem with the hood latch and had to take the plastic scuff guards underneath the car and manually pull the latch cable by reaching your arm up by the driver headlight from under the car. There is a joint in the cable right by the driver side headlight that very easily separates. Pull the cable, open the hood, put the two cable eneds back together and wah la. Good luck
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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