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Car is deemed a total loss

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Well I was rear ended last week by a car service car, 4 car crash, and my insurance has deemed my car a total loss. They claim my cars value is only around $6900 with repairs around $9500. I am fighting them because despite my odometer reading 186K my paperwork proves that I only have 35K on my engine and transmission (replaced in 2021). In actuality even less on my front end as a whole as I had replaced my front struts, tie rods, control arms, rotors and calibers in the past 6 months. Based on those factors and condition of the car I find anywhere between $13000 and $17000. Fingers crossed I can get this resolved equitably.
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Don't think you'll be too successful. They may up it slightly, but you would have been better off falling out of the car holding your neck to get some compensation.
If you have receipts, the suspension work can be argued to be Safety work, so they will reimburse you for those extra expenses but not the new engine and such, no matter what they will go by the age of the vehicle body not its parts. Now if you paid out of pocket for the engine you may be able to argue that point but not a warranty item. Sorry for you loss, it is unfortunate.
You have a long way to go if you want them to not total it. If repairs are $9500, then it would be considered a total loss even if the car were worth about $14K, they consider totalling it when the repair exceeds about 75% of its value.
No way you are going to get the value doubled from $6900 to over $14K.
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Insurance does not care whats been replaced. Its just book value that's all they have thats all they use and will stand up in court.
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